Dali and Marshall
Dali is a flower that steals funkeys' coins in Daydream Oasis. Dali appears on the screan as a small blur with a black dot in the center. But, when you are a distance away, it pops up to find you, making it way more easy to escape than Goya. Even with this disadvantage, Dali comes 2 times more often than Goya does, and in the coin game, the cups move faster. Dali is smart and very powerful. Dali has a shorter and quiter warning sign than the other villans, making it the "robber" to stay away from most! Dali can be defeated by a Dreamcatcher.


  • Dali has been the subject of dispute over the characters' gender, as it has never been specified in any official source.
  • It is said in the game never to look into Dali's eyes, or you'll be pulled into a state of relaxation, giving Dali time to knock you out.
  • Dali was going to have a figure released in the Dream States Adventure Pack.
  • Dali's name could be a reference to the surreal artist, Salvador Dali. This is fitting since almost everywhere at Daydream Oasis there are references to different Surreal paintings.