U.B. and Marshall encountering Daili in Daydream Oasis

Daydream Oasis is a Dream State zone. It is accessable through a portal in the southeast corner of Funkeystown next to the Dirigible Dock, through a portal in Laputa Station in the north, and through a portal in the southeast of Nightmare Rift. It is home to four tribes of Funkeys: Lucky, Dyer, Berger, and Tank. It's villan is Dali .


Daydream Oasis is a colorful zone with rainbow skies and seas, and an overall pleasent and welcoming atmosphere. Like Nightmare Rift and Paradox Green, this zone is split four different sections themed around their housing Funkey tribes.

Fractal SeaEdit

A dock against a sea of multiple rainbow colors, home to the Tank. A large submarine (funkmarine) sits in the water. This area has some references to famous optical illusions including one of the Necker Cube illusions and the Penrose stairs among other abstract visuals.

Cumulus CayesEdit

A place up in the mountain tops with large, floating islands of solid cloud and rainbow bridges connecting them to each other. Strange but harmless creatures can be seen jumping and flying round this area. There is also a noticably large structure in the center made entierly of giant chrystals used as the gameroom for the Lucky. 

Fungi ForestEdit

The home of the Dyer tribe. This area is made almost entierly of mushrooms, many of which have been made into houses. The place is known for being not very sanitary with colorful dirt and flowing rivers making up the ground, and the funkeys there "never washing".

The Great Dairy DivideEdit

A land made entierly of cookies, pastries, candy, and cheese. The ground is made of cake frosting and there are lakes of milk. The few plants there appear to be mint leaves. This section is seperated from others by a large, chocolate river. This area is home to the Berger where they apperantly run cheese-crafting businesses.


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