Series 1
Colors Red
Game Record Rampage
Home Zone Magma Gorge
Accessible Zones Magma Gorge

Deuce was a Funkey released during Wave 1 of Series 1. Placing Deuce in the U.B. Hub allows the user to access Magma Gorge and the Double Deuce Diner. From the diner, players can access the Deuce exclusive shop and minigame, Record Rampage.

Codex Entry Edit

Fond of all things hip and trendy, the Deuce set the standards for cutting edge culture. In fact, the phrase “What the Deuce” means what’s hot and “That’s Deuce” means that’s cool.

The Deuce love music but not that snooty, high culture opera that the Glub sing. The Deuce like rockabilly and anything that’s fast and you can dance to.

The Deuce are notorious pranksters. The most famous was when they tricked the Glub into wearing elaborate costumes with big platform shoes, rhinestone sunglasses and jeweled hats for their performance before Parliament and the Queen. She was not amused.

Despite getting on the nerves of many Funkeys at one point or another, everyone wants to be Deuce.

UB Funkeys 31 Deuce - Record Rampage07:39

UB Funkeys 31 Deuce - Record Rampage

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