It is said that each Dot has the ability to grant any funkey a wish at any time.

So deeply within the Dot that it is the single source of their happiness. But a Dot can only use this power to grant a Funkey's wildest wish only once in their entire lifetime. As soon as the Dot has granted this wish, they are so

Filled with joy that they fly away with the wind, never to be seen again.

This puts the Dot into strange, somewhat ironic position in life. The closer they become to another funkey, the better friends they are, the more they want to grant them a wish. But as soon as they do, their friendship ends and they fly away. To a non-Dot, this seems quite sad.

Because their gift is always in demand, they are quite shy in public, preferring not to call attention to themselves. Dots tend to be quiet and reserved. But don't mistake quiet for sad: The Dot have an almost zen-like happiness that few other beings can ever achieve. True embodiments of the phrase 'It is better to give than to receive.'

No matter how quiet they are in public, when they play their favorite game, Dot-Shot, an entire other side of the Dot comes out. The Dot's reserved manner gives way to a fierce sense of competition, and their typically silent gesturing is replaced by loud, raucous behavior, proving once and for all that it is possible for some Funkeys to change their spots.

It's really quite amazing to find a Dot, and if you do, you should consider yourself quite lucky!


U.B. Funkeys 20 I Got Dot!

Gameplay video of the rare Dot!