'sThe Greatest Funkey Inventor of all Time: Dr. Tinker Edit

Dr Tinker was the funkey inventor who created the portals. Sadly, on the day of the Great Disaster our Dr. Tinker was lost. All funkeys mourn over his loss.

Split PersonalityEdit

This section contains heavy spoilers!

Or Once you find all the Gem Shards in Terrapinia Master Lox is unveiled to be Dr. Tinker, horribly scarred by the Great Disaster. Then he flees the scene into the Dream States. and in Paradox Green it's revealed Dr, tinker's good and evil sides were split by the gnomon tree that holds the zone together there the doctors good side works as the tree's care taker.

Image9 7

The bad A.K.A. Master Lox

Image67 3

The Good (evil alongside)

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