Dreamstate is the 4th series of Funkeys. It is made up of two zones, Nightmare Rift, and Daydream Oasis. The villains here are Goya and Dali. They are defeated by making 4 Dreamcatchers. The guide for this area is a mysterious funkey named Marshall. The funkey tribes that take residence here include Vlurp, Ptep, Sprocket, Snipe, Tank, Berger, Lucky, and Dyer. To find out how to get a Dream Catcher, see Dreamcatcher.

Story Edit

Although the Portals were considered the greatest invention of funkey engineering ever, the great Dr. Tinker was not completely satisfied. His question was: If the portals could take Funkeys everywhere that existed, why couldn't they take them to places that didn't exist? To achieve this goal, he built the Dream machine, hoping to open a portal to all the wonderous dreams of the Funkeys. When the invention was completed, and finally activated, it was a success, and a portal was opened to Daydream Oasis. However, as a side effect, the dream machine also opened a portal to Nightmare Rift, the manifestation of the dark and dreadful nightmares of the funkeys!After the Great Disaster, Dr. Tinker, in the guise of Matster Lox, escaped from Funkeystown to the Dream States. There he somehow converted 2 gems into Goya and Dali. He then unleashed them into the Dream States to terrorize the Funkey residents there and stel their coins. It's up to the player to use the Dreamcatchers to defeat them and bring peace to the Dream States!

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