DriftThe Drift feel the need… the need for speed! The drift do everything fast. They walk fast, drive fast, and even talk fast. The Drift talk in their special drift language as rapidly as they possibly can! They talk so fast that the term “motor mouth” was coined to describe anyone who is talking too quickly to understand what it is they are saying! Also when someone is having trouble being understood they say, “Do you catch my drift?”

The Drift have gifted talent for anything mechanical, and are constantly tinkering with things in order to make them faster. The drift are always designing and building faster and faster vehicles, and they will spend days making slight yet precise adjustments to their creations in order to get even the littlest amount of additional speed.

This mechanical talent and love of fast things makes the drift the best friends of vroom. the drift are always making modification to vroom stunt vehicles in order to make them faster and able to jump larger and more dangerous stunts. The Vroom, in turn, tests all the new crazy fast vehicle designs that the drift can think of... Sometimes with spectacular results

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