Funkeys fallout very rare
White Fallout (very rare)
Series 1
Colors Orange (common)
Green (rare)
White (very rare)
Game Fusion Folley
Home Zone Laputa Station
Accessible Zones Laputa Station
Fallout is the Funkey who is wearing a gas mask. The fallouts are Terrapinia`s
Funkeyroom 7

a room for fallout

scientists. They have crazy experiments conducted all over Terrapinia. However, most experiments don`t work. Sometimes Boggles follow Fallouts around, eating the toxic waste the Fallouts leave behind. Of course I have never seen that happen, but I did see a Boggle following a Fallout by the Double deuce diner.
UB Funkeys 36 Fallout - Fusion Folley11:51

UB Funkeys 36 Fallout - Fusion Folley

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