FlurryOriginally from the shivery ice flow region, the Flurry are very cool under pressure making them the shrewdest negotiators in Terrapinia. It is said, they literally have ice water flowing through their veins. Legendary for their ability to sell anything to anyone, it is rumored that the Flurry even Flurryd butter to the Boggle.

You would think that, coming from frozen tundra, the Flurry would seek a warm sunny patch of sand to spend their vacation, but after their first visit to Funkiki Island, the Flurry had entirely different plans. They bought the highest piece of land from the local natives, for two scarves and a worn out mitten, and set about creating Mt. Carousel, Terrapinia’s premier ski resort. A Flurry spokesperson told the Funkiki Vacation Board that “they spared no expense, importing only the choicest snow, even handpicking each individual snowflake from the tallest mountain peaks throughout Terrapinia.” Whether or not that is true we’ll never know, but the Flurry are cool enough to keep snow on a tropical island year round

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