Henchmen are the main enemies in the world of U.B. Funkeys. They are led by the evil Master Lox.


Henchmen steal Funkey's coins in Funkeystown and can be found in the villains' den. There are certain colors for certain places. Blue are Kelpy Basin, Red are Magma Gorge, Green are Laputa Station, and Purple are Funkeystown. After you collect the gems, certain things will happen to the henchman. In Funkeystown the Boggle will eat them, in Laputa Station they will drift into space, in Magma Gorge they will melt in lava, and in Kelpy Basin they will fall into a chasm. They seem to use a tractor beam emitted from their 'eye' to steal coins.

The original design for the henchmen was a large pink bunny with a huge smile. No wonder Lox changed their design. But they are still pretty cute. If you go to UFUNK Studios, you can see a blurry image of the original design.