CannonballtaylorTwo time Funkey Grand Prix Champion and Captain of the Royalton Racing Team, Cannonball is one of the Funkeys Racing League’s most famous drivers.

Cannonball is constantly being followed by packs of devoted Funkey fans, and truly enjoys the celebrity status he has earned through racing. Catch him on a good day and he might just sign an autograph for a fan or two, but don’t be fooled by his polished smile! He may give you an autograph, but when on the race track, winning is all that matters! Well, that and fame!

When not racing, Cannonball spends most of his time lounging in the swanky “Driver’s Club” of the Royalton Industries Building. It’s not uncommon to find Cannonball polishing his pair of Grand Prix Champion Diamond or showing off his collection of racing trophies

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