Magma GorgeEdit

Magma Gorge is a fiery place presumed to be deep underground. Most Funkeys wouldn't last a minute in the scorching heat, but there are still Funkeys that call it home. It has portals leading to Funkeystown, Funkiki Island, and Nightmare Rift.

The Deuce run the Double Deuce Diner near the Funkeystown portal. Their devious attitude and love of all things "hot" at the moment means that they're right at home in this hellish zone.

To the north is the graveyard, home to the Stitch. The Stitch keep all the secrets in Terrapinia, and chose to settle here because it's so secluded. Don't try to make conversation with them, because they won't respond. Not unless you have a screw for them.

The Wasabi train in their dojo near the hottest magma in the gorge. There are stories about Wasabi who walk through this molten rock and come out unscathed. Considering the other amazing feats performed by the Wasabi, nobody doubts these tales.

Lastly, there are the Bones. They're quite mundane compared to the others, but any Funkey who can withstand this searing heat is something special.

One last tip: Watch where you step. You might find some interesting fossils.

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