The Natives are the evil inhabitants of Funkiki island who like stealing the coins of Funkeys.They are shaped like pineapples and work under the command of the Pinneapple King. They cary giant spears in their hands and hurl the spears at the enemy.

Native's Codex EnteryEdit

Most Funkeys believe the Nibble to be the original inhabitants of Funkiki Island, and while technically they were the first Funkeys to inhabit the island, the Funkiki natives had been living there, and throughout Terrapinia, long before the first Tiki crawled out of the primordial soup!

Long ago, before the first Funkey appeared, the natives were the most technologically advanced society in history. The natives of Terrapinia had built a vast network of cities that stretched throughout the far reaches of Terrapinia, and had experienced all that this world had to offer. Feeling their culture had reached a zenith, the natives of Terrapinia, much like the Xener would in the far future, began to look to the skies for their next great adventure!

The natives collectively decided that their society would leave Terrapinia, and endeavor to discover the experiences that could be found among the stars! However, before they were to leave, they wanted to return Terrapinia to its natural state.

Tearing down their vast cities they had built, the natives of Terrapinia recycled these materials and repurposed them in order to create an enormous space ship. However, in order to launch such an enormous ship into space, they would need to somehow harness the vast power of the great mother Terrapin. To do this, they built their ship at the peak of the Funkiki volcano.

With the ship which they had dubbed “Coconut 1” completed, they just had to figure out how to make the great volcano erupt. It was determined that if the volcano was tickled in just the right place, it would erupt with such force, the space ship would be launched. However, this would mean that some natives would need to be left behind!

Although many volunteered, only a select few natives were chosen for the great honor of tickling the volcano. With everyone else aboard, the small group of natives met at the foot of the volcano, and began tickling. In no time at all, the great volcano erupted in both laughter and magma, and catapulted Coconut 1 into deep space.

Now the few that were left behind remain as the stewards of Funkiki Island, in case the natives of Terrapinia ever return. As time has passed, the natives of Funkiki have shunned all things technological, preferring instead to live as one with nature, and the Great Mother Terrapin.


  • They have no warning noise, but they are the "robbers" that come by the least.