The Pineapple King, the current chieftain of Funkiki Island, comes from a long line of Funkiki rulers, stretching back as far as any native can remember. The Pineapple King’s ancestors have always ruled over, and kept the presence of the Funkiki Natives a secret from all but the most trusted Funkey.

Whenever a new Funkiki Chieftain is crowned, a great naming ceremony is held to determine the royal title by which the new chieftain will be called. With much singing and dancing, the Funkiki Natives carry their King in a grand canoe to the most sacred and secret location on the great outer reef. The new chief must then cast the sacred naming net into the sea and see what it is that he hauls in.

Whatever it is that the new chief manages to catch in the sacred naming net determines the title by which he will now be known. Needless to say, most Chieftains end up being named after whatever hapless fish just happens to be swimming by at the time, and there have been several “Tuna Kings”, “Squid Kings”, a few “Bass Kings”, and in one particularly mess incident, there was even a “Very angry shark King” ….Uh, his reign as Chieftain was extremely short lived.

How it is that the Pineapple King managed to catch a Pineapple in his net rather than a fish is a matter of great debate. Some believe that this was a great magical event that signaled a changed in the Funkiki way of living was near. Others however speculate that the new Chieftain just didn’t want to be named after yet another stinky fish, and somehow managed to sneak a pineapple out on the canoe!

He rules over the Naitives and loves sending them to steal coins from the Funkeys. He looks like a Native except he wears a giant tiki-like crown on his head. He doesn't look anything like a Funkey therefor he probably isn't one.