Tinker is the lead engineer in funkeystown and inventor of the portals. He was thought to have been killed in the Great Disaster while Master Lox showed up. (The next sentence is a spoiler so do not read it if don't want to get spoiled.) But then it was revealed that the professor himself was actually Master Lox. After this Professor. Tinker has appeared to have turned good once more. In dream state it was revealed that the Sprocket was actually his project for the science fair intended to serve the same purpose as the Boggle with a better tasting excrement and we all know how it all turned wrong. There was yet another failed invention also in the dream state where Tinker blew extremely loud music into his patients' eyes. thus clearing there eyesight but without any tears, forcing his patients to use salt water. P.S. His patients were the Tanks. His third invention was revealed in paradox green as the maul, designed just like teddy bears and they were one of his more touching ideas, giving children the idea the maul would protect them from any monsters under the bed and we all know what happened. He was also in the background of the characters page for paradox green.