The Raj live in the deepest, darkest, part of the Nosretep Tam Jungle. Like all the tribes of the Hidden Realm, the Raj are strong fighters and fierce competitors. But the true love of all Raj is their hair. They sport perfectly coiffed, beautiful manes of lush hair. This obsession with their hair is built into the fabric of their society. Their system of government is a Hair-ocracy; the Raj with the best hair rules. And any violations of grooming law is considered Hairesy and severely punished. The outgoing King of the Raj, Naj Raj, lost his reign when he decided to violate the latest trends and try to single handedly bring back the Caesar cut. Justice was swift, he was dispatched abroad to ponder his Hairpocracy. The current King, Krisrajson Raj, rose to power with unwavering adherence to a single principle - gel is your friend. All Raj are now required to study the latest hair fashion magazines like Rajsmo, Rogue, Raxim and RQ. King Kirsrajson believes that beautiful hair starts with a beautiful mind.

The Raj are always trying to enforce their hair styles on the other Funkeys. They operate salons in 14 provinces including the Republic of Rajjanistan. Their mission, to make the world smooth and silky, like them.

Before a Raj leaves the Nosretep Tam Jungle, each is marked with the spiritual paw print of their tribe so that no matter how far they travel, they will never forget where it was they came from, and what their tribe stands for. Each toe of the spiritual paw represents one of the core attributes of the hair care: Clean, Cut, Coif, and Control. “The rules of hair care are simple and finite; any Rajsmo Raj can tell you that.”

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