Having a reputation for adopting an optimistic view of life and a relaxed attitude,             
Funkeys sol very rare
Black Sol (very rare)
Series 2:Funkiki Island
Colors Blue (common)
Red (rare)
Black (very rare)
Game Sunshine Links
Home Zone Funkiki Island
Accessible Zones Funkiki Island

the Sol bring a ray of sunshine in the lives of everyone they meet. When Sol adventurer Pol-i-an-na-na land, called P-Sol by his friends, put one foot on the island Funkaïti for the first time, he was convinced that everyone would love to come bask on the wonderful beaches and a drink in the sun forever. Funded by Flurry, P-Sol opened tourist resort and spa Heck-a-Wee. Island, P-Sol also discovered an animal resembling a turtle, called by the natives Huh, the extraordinary relaxing properties.

When you arrive at the resort, the Sol welcomes you with their radiant personality and a necklace of shells Huh. This necklace will erase all your worries and problems. The philosophy of P-Sol continues to be applied to the tourist resort: Each resident must be treated as a family member Heck-a-Wee. Thanks to the combination of a family atmosphere, full of sun, waves and delicious power of forgetting Huh, visitors are so relaxed they are lying on the beach all day repeating "Huh, it is the Heck-a-Wee. "At the end of your stay, we'll remove the collar Huh. According to residents, it is then overwhelmed by a wave intense but painless memories. This is called "Turtle Recall."   Undo edits 

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