Series Dream State (3)
Colors Blue

Grey White

Home Zone Daydream Oasis
Accessible Zones Funkeystown

Daydream Oasis

Codex Entry Edit

Another of Dr. Tinker’s failed experiments was his quest to fix the eyesight of all Funkeys. He developed an innovative but doomed procedure to correct bad vision that he called Oasic. By playing the music of a popular Funkey band really loud right into the eyes, the lens that covers all Funkey eyes, called the wonder wall, was supposed to became smooth and flawless. Dr. Tinker always claimed complete success. The problem was the patients no longer produced tears. The Tank, as they became know, had to wear masks that were always filled with salt water so their eyes wouldn’t dry out.

The Tank turned this affliction into a strength, and became the greatest sea explorers in the known world. The Tank are obsessed with undersea discovery as the Xener are with space exploration.

Prior to the creation of the Dream States, the tank had fully explored every drop in every ocean throughout Terrapinia, from the shimmering reefs of Kelpy Basin.

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