Funkeys twinx rare
Blue Twinx (rare)
Series 1
Colors Yellow (common)
Blue (rare)
White (very rare)
Game Twinx Dream
Home Zone Kelpy Basin
Accessible Zones Kelpy Basin

Twinx means “star” in the native Funkey language, and the Twinx embody this word. They have achieved celebrity status in Terrapinia.

Like the Amazons on Earth, the Twinx are all female. But don’t let their beauty fool you. The Twinx are a strong & proud race. Legend has it that the Twinx captured all the powers of the moon and the stars in their big beautiful eyes. The Twinx shimmer with the energy of the entire Funkey galaxy. You can see it in their captivating and hypnotic eyes. But the energy that went in can also come out. The Twinx could change the world in the blink of an eye.

UB Funkeys 56 Twinx's Quest Glitched23:47

UB Funkeys 56 Twinx's Quest Glitched

Twinx's Quest [Buggy Quest in V. 5.0]

UB Funkeys 38 Twinx - Twinx Dream-015:00

UB Funkeys 38 Twinx - Twinx Dream-0

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