VlurpOften feared for their fiendish fangs and ferocious features, the Vlurp are some of the most misunderstood Funkeys in Terrapinia. Rather than being brooding vicious friends, the Vlurp are in fact strict vegetarians who prefer nothing more than a good salad and a glass of tomato juice! This misconception, which causes the irrational fear of the Vlurp in most other Funkeys, drives the Vlurp absolutely batty!

The only Funkeys that the Vlurp have managed to convince of their true gentle nature are the Sprout. Being strict vegetarians, Vlurp share the sprout’s love of gardening, and have formed a strong, if unlikely friendship.

However, while the Sprout are the most accomplished gardeners of all Funkeys, the Vlurp are hands down the worst! The Vlurp prefer to live in harsh cold environments, and have an irrational fear of the sun, which of course are not good conditions for growing vegetables!

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