Vroom normal

Funkeyroom 4

A room for Vroom.

Series 1
Colors Blue (common)
Olive (rare)
Black (very rare)
Game Skee-Ball (Super-Vroom Ball
Home Zone Laputa Station
Accessible Zones Laputa Station

The Vroom have an instinctive love for anything fast and dangerous. Their natural mechanical skills and enthusiasm for showing off have given them the reputation of being the most daring of all of the Funkeys. The Vroom only reinforce this reputation by constantly performing what appear to be ever increasingly dangerous feats, when in fact these stunts are carefully choreographed and practiced with safety in mind.

Most Vroom perform their stunts purely for the love of the stunt itself, and often do so before a cheering audience of their fellow Funkeys. They constructed a giant arena, called the Room de Vroom, on Laputa Station for their performances.

The Deuce work hard at being Deuce, but the Vroom are just naturally cool!

UB Funkeys 34 Vroom - Super Vroom Ball

UB Funkeys 34 Vroom - Super Vroom Ball