Waggs is a Funkeystown funkey. They are very loyal to funkeys, but also are very educated and smart.

Their game is Waggs Words and their game room is Waggs University.

Series 4
Colors Brown (Common)

Black and Grey (Rare) Purple (Very Rare)

Game Waggs Words
Home Zone Waggs University
Accessible Zones Funkeystown

Appearance Edit

UB Funkeys 50 Glub's and Wagg's Quest14:48

UB Funkeys 50 Glub's and Wagg's Quest

The Waggs are puppies. They vary in color depending on the rarity of the figure. They sport a red collar and two beady eyes, one grey and one blue, at first appearing green in a promotional image. They have accents all over their bodies which, obviously, vary in color. They have whisker marks near their nose and their pink tongue sticking out of their mouth.

Codex Entry Edit

The Waggs are the most faithful friends that any Funkey could have. With their tails constantly wagging, they seem as if they have no care in the world, but in truth, they are fiercely loyal to their companions, and will always defend a Funkey in danger.

Despite their funny chin whiskers, shaggy fur and bouncy gait, the Waggs are born leaders. They often rise to prestigious posts in Funkey Corporation. They have almost endless energy going from one issue to the next until they solve every problem they encounter. To keep up this energy, the Waggs often spend much time in the gym, and while they are known for their passion for all sports, they especially love jumping through hoops. It’s not uncommon to see a Waggs jumping thru many hoops at a time.

Because of their natural leadership abilities and endless enthusiasm, the Waggs have set up premier pet training school in Funkeystown, the university for the soft and cuddly or USC. Graduating pets from USC hope to earn a coveted MBA (Master Barking Ability) degree. The Waggs instructors teach that anything that is worth saying one is worth say 3 times! You can always tell a graduate from USC, because they tend to speak in threes. Arf, arf, arf!

The Waggs students from USC have a friendly, if sometimes competitive rivalry with the students of Our Lucky Lady University, while the Lucky tend to focus on academics. The Waggs students tend to focus all their attention on creating sports programs. The result is a school that tends to dominate Funkeys sport and USC curriculum that focuses mostly on simple spelling exercises.

Game Room Edit

The Wagg's Game, Waggs Words, is a word scramble single-player timer game where the player has to guess a certain amount of words all spelt with the same letters. There is a timer on top to keep your amount of time it takes to guess all the words. This all takes place on a green chalkboard.

In Eric's Playthrough Edit

Eric never actually visits Wagg's game room, although he does complete a wagg's quest involving mail and a peppy pup.

Appearance Edit

The Wagg's game room has the appearance of a university main room, with desks and chalkboards and assorted university items. Waggs are walking around a lot, too.

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